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Mavericks Against Bullying

Bullying is hurtful and we do not tolerate it at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School. It can be hard to tell an adult about bullying.  Some kids worry that they will be called a “tattletale.” Telling is not being a tattletale. Telling, which adults call reporting, is a good thing to do. If you or another student has been bullied or hurt, or you are worried that you or another student could be bullied or hurt in the future, tell a teacher or another adult at SMM. The adults can help you.

We know it can be scary to tell or “report” bullying, so you do not have to include your name on this form.  However, Mr. Daily, Ms. Sanchez, or any staff members may want to ask more questions about this, so including your name will help them look into the problem.

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