SMMS is a proud, official member of the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) Brainpower Connection.

UIW formally invited our school to join its esteemed and innovative Brainpower Connection in 2018.  We enthusiastically accepted this invitation.


The Brainpower Connection is the premier early childhood through university partnership in the world.  This union empowers our students by opening countless doors for their academic, personal and spiritual growth.  UIW endeavors to educate men and women to become concerned and enlightened citizens within the global community.  This aim meshes perfectly with our mission to empower students and our community to witness the Gospel and grow in excellence through faith, academics and service.


This partnership enhances our Pre-K and elementary dual language program through expanded resources for the students and staff, such as university-caliber professional development for our faculty, including international learning exchanges with UIW’s schools in Mexico, Germany, China and beyond.  Our middle school benefits from increased access and exposure to UIW’s globally recognized resources and services.  Further, it presents the exciting possibility that those in our dual language program will be able to continue that education in high school and beyond. 


Our students have unique access to a premier pipeline from early childhood through university, beyond undergraduate studies to Master’s and even doctoral degrees.  As our partnership with UIW develops, the opportunities and benefits for our students will only expand and deepen.  This exciting future is made possible by our shared history with UIW.  Both our schools were founded by bold and faithful Sisters of the Incarnate Word.  May their enduring spirit continue to bless St. Mary Magdalen School!