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2018 Passat Car Raffle Ticket Sales Extended through March 4th!

Stop in to buy 1 tickeMavericks!

Thank you for your amazing response to our Vision 2020 Raffle. We have had a great interest in our student and classroom prizes, with that being said the month of February is going to be geared towards ticket sales for each classroom. Once again, this is not a mandatory ticket sell, however if you participate, there is a great chance to win the prizes

Every student who turns in all of their raffle tickets by Monday, February 26th, 2018 will receive FREE DRESS that entire last week of February (excluding Wednesday).

Our student raffle ticket sale contest will come to a conclusion Friday March 2nd. We will be celebrating our first ever DUCT DAY!!! This is going to be an amazingly fun day with a huge surprise ending involving Mr. Daily. Stay Tuned! More details to come.

Tickets will be able to be purchased up until the day of the drawing which is Sunday, March 4th with the winner being announced after 5:30 Mass.

This gorgeous Passat will soon be won by a very deserving, very lucky individual. Best of Luck to you all and happy selling!!!!
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