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2018-2019 Archdiocese Teacher of the Year Recipient for SMMS

Please join me in congratulating and celebrating Ms. Anna Nuñez, who was selected as our 2018-19 Teacher of the Year! Ms. Nuñez teaches Pre-K3, and has taught at SMMS since 2015. Ms. Nuñez has high standards and expectations for herself as well as for her students. She helps her students and her colleagues live out our mission by being a consistent witness of empowering students and our community to witness the Gospel and grow in excellence through faith, academics and service.

Here are some of the things her colleagues shared about Ms. Nuñez:

"Ms. Nuñez carries herself with poise and professionalism."

"Ms. Nuñez contributes to the spiritual growth of her students."

"She knows a lot through her years of teaching, and also implements new things she learns through continued professional development to empower her students. Moreover, she shares these methods with her colleagues."

"Ms. Nuñez always stays organized and focused."

"Ms. Nuñez is patient, trustworthy, and always wants the best for her students and the school."

"She makes teaching fun, and is always full of great ideas for our students."

"Ms. Nuñez is able to take the lead on so much event organizing for our school, and does so with good planning and communication."

Congratulations, Ms. Nuñez!
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